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Watch as I successfully wield the universe's only double-rainbow colored sonic lightsaber in the defense against droids, storm troopers, Daleks, Cybermen, Orcs, Uruk-hai, cave trolls, Nazgul, and Klingons. I'm also a skilled archer and quite handy with a sword. And a laser gun.

When not saving the universe, I like to read, knit, and dance.
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Jack is hardcore as fuck

scare me like one of your french girls

For money money, the most interesting thing about this confrontation is how completely it inverts the final scenes of a typical Disney film. In most cases, the hero is physically and/or supernaturally outmatched, and triumphs through determination and ingenuity; here, the villain spends the the whole fight running scared, while the protagonist casually no-sells everything that’s thrown at him. And there’s no ironic Disney Death keeping the protagonist’s hands clean, either. Jack just straight-up murders Oogie with malice aforethought while Oogie is running away - and by having Santa Claus himself strike the final blow, the film legitimises Jack’s killing of Oogie as the morally correct course of action.

You don’t fuck around with the motherfucking pumpkin king

The thing I loved the most about this confrontation is that when Oogie is finally unravelled, he just falls apart and it is the best metaphor for nightmares and things that terrify us.  One string pull….and they disintegrate into a whole lot of small things that we don’t like….but we can handle instead of one big nightmare.  

Can we just talk about how fucking AWESOME that is?  

I mean, yeah, it’s not a typical Disney movie because it was originally produced under Touchstone Pictures since Disney thought it was too dark and scary for children. Disney didn’t take full responsibility for it until it was already successful. Just saying.

Also, they were completely wrong as this was my favorite movie when I was 4. Still is one of my favorite movies. Along with the Dark Crystal.


22-year-old cafeteria worker aboard capsized Korean ship sacrificed herself to save others

our hundred and seventy-six people were aboard the Sewol, which tragically capsized on Wednesday — one of them was 22-year-old Park Ji-young. She worked in the cafeteria, not as part of the crew. The ship’s communication officer announced to passengers that it was “more dangerous to move” than to risk a disorderly evacuation. Frigid water was filling the ferry’s lower levels, causing it to list hard to one side.

The crew didn’t stick around to help anyone else. It was Park who stayed behind to calm down frightened children and pass out life jackets. She didn’t save one for herself, and she told passengers that she wouldn’t leave the boat until every passenger was safely off and accounted for. "After saving you, I will get out," she reportedly said. "The crew goes out last."

"Park pushed shocked passengers toward the exit even when the water was up to her chest," said one witness.

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  • me: wow i have 3 tests and 2 essays due in the next 3 days
  • me: ayy i haven't watched THE ENTIRE LOTR TRILOGY in a while



Horror movie idea: a succubus who picks up guys at bookstores by playing manic pixie dream girl. They go on a date and everything’s perfect. The entire movie is an indie rom com until they sleep together for the first time and she rips out his heart and eats it. The movie ends with her “accidentally bumping into” another guy at a bookstore. The cycle begins again

10/10 would watch

What do you mean horror movie?  This should be a rom com, obviously.

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n 2012, Bank of America operated more than 300 subsidiaries incorporated in offshore tax havens like the Cayman Islands, which has no corporate taxes. Read about Sen. Sander’ budget plan to stop the use of offshore tax havens here:

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