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Amazon is working hard to limit the amount of states requiring the collection of sales tax on online purchases. The company recently struck a deal with the state of Texas in which the state agreed to delay the collection of sales tax. [REUTERS]

This is a big issue facing the election this year in California.  The revenue we could earn from Amazon’s sales tax would be a HUGE boost to our severely broken economy.  Obviously, this isn’t going to fix everything, but it’d be a step in the right direction for having large corporations to follow the law like they’re supposed to.

(via reagan-was-a-horrible-president)

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    Amazon should act like any other bloody retailer and contribute money back to the states, end of story. It’s no wonder...
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    This is a big issue facing the election this year in California. The revenue we could earn from Amazon’s sales tax would...
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    Taxing all over the stating
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    Alaska has no sales tax, however I had no idea that it was purchases...
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    Exception made for incorrect info - Alaska does not have a sales tax.
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    How much money does Jeff Bezos need? Combine this with the controversy about corporate donations and you have a hot...
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