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Yeah, so this was a real thing that Rush Limbaugh said after the SCOTUS ruled in favor of marriage equality.

Obviously, Rush Limbaugh doesn’t consider POC and GSM individuals to be people, so in his mind, this statement is a true fact. 

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Former Governor and Wisconsin Senate candidate Tommy Thompson’s son Jason Thompson says at a brunch “we have an opportunity” to send Obama back to Chicago or Kenya.”

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And, his smile after he says that is just so gross.  He thinks he’s sooooooo funny and clever, and the sad thing is, the audience he’s speaking to think he is.  And, people think we’re in some kind of post-racial society.  ha!

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The Republican party has become a party without scruples. It’s really amazing now. They’ll just lie at a level, in this campaign, that I really haven’t seen—you know, politicians have distorted the truth since time immemorial, I understand that, but the kind of the lies that are coming out of this campaign are really amazing.

— Bob Herbert

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Romney can’t understand the idea of having parents who don’t have $80,000 lying around. He literally does not include that in his idea of reality. He does not understand most Americans, and that is why he (hopefully) will not get their vote.
Speaking of which: VOTE VOTE VOTE


Romney can’t understand the idea of having parents who don’t have $80,000 lying around. He literally does not include that in his idea of reality. He does not understand most Americans, and that is why he (hopefully) will not get their vote.

Speaking of which: VOTE VOTE VOTE

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Once again, the GOP shows its flagrant disregard for the Constitution, the highest law in the United States.  Is this really the party we want in control of the federal government?

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A list of things that don’t make sense:

  • LGBT Americans who support Romney.
  • LGBT allies who support Romney.
  • Women who support Romney.
  • Feminists who support Romney.
  • People of color who support Romney.
  • Supporters of racial equality who support Romney.
  • Middle-class Americans who support Romney.
  • Union workers who support Romney.
  • Non-Christians who support Romney.
  • Anyone who isn’t part of the privileged 1% who supports Romney.
  • Romney.

Seriously, though.  I don’t understand how anyone in any kind of disenfranchised group in the United States of America can vote Republican.  NEWS FLASH: YOUR PARTY DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOU.  NOT AT ALL.  THEY COULDN’T GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT YOU, EXCEPT THAT FOR NOW, YOU CAN VOTE.  AND, VOTES COUNT.  You’re just digging your own grave.  You’re screwing yourself over in the long run.  And, for what?  What will you gain from Mitt Romney and a Boehner-controlled House of Representatives?  What will the country gain?  The answer: nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  The Republicans will trample over all of your rights, and you’ll let them because you vote with a religious fervor that resembles nothing like the teachings in any of the Holy Books, and before you know it, the United States of America will resemble some kind of dictatorship (or oligarchy), and all because they did it legally by working the flaws of America’s political system to their advantage.  The Republican party isn’t what it used to be, folks.  It has been commandeered by radical extremists who want to strip everyone who isn’t like them of their rights. 

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Why aren’t people talking about this more? Here you have a vice-president of the United States of America pretty much advocating for and condoning rape.  Now, tell me again that the GOP is NOT waging a war against women.



Romney completely unaware of what waiters and waitresses earn, calls them “middle class”

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CBS News: “Addressing 300 contributors at a Jackson, Miss., fundraiser who paid $2,500, $10,000 or $50,000 to hear him speak, Romney acknowledged that the people in the room were well-off compared to many Americans. It was the middle class that had been let down by Obama, Romney said, and he pointed to the wait staff serving finger foods as an example:

“It’s tough being middle class in America right now… The waiters and waitresses that come in and out of this room and offer us refreshments, they’re not having a good year. The people of the middle class of America are really struggling. And they’re struggling I think in a way because they’re surprised because when they voted for Barack Obama…he promised them that things were going to get a heck a lot of better. He promised hope and change and they’re still waiting.”


We really are all the same to Mitt Romney. We’re the ones who serve him and his rich family and friends in thousands of ways daily, we’re the ones who sign the back of a paycheck, we’re the ones who scurry around doing our “jobs.” To Romney it doesn’t matter if a few bucks more or less per hour could change someones entire life for better or worse — all he sees are blobs of meat moving through space, serving finger food, while he collects millions at luncheons to spend on political attack ads.

There are only two classes in Mitt Romney’s world: those who attend his fund-raising lunches and everyone else (the middle class).

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So ridiculous. And let’s not forget that the majority of these impoverished servers are - say it with me - women.


WASHINGTON — House Republicans Tuesday unveiled legislation to get rid of AmeriCorps, the national service program, and cut off federal funding for National Public Radio, public television and Planned Parenthood.

The moves would come in a controversial spending bill that pays for labor, health and education programs for the budget year beginning Oct. 1.

The measure is dead on arrival with Democrats but contains many provisions to please tea party conservatives.

“This bill is an extremely partisan proposal, stands little chance of even being brought up on the House floor, and will rightly be disregarded by both the Senate and the president,” said Rep. Norm Dicks of Washington, top Democrat on the Appropriations Committee.

The cuts to community service programs, funded at $1 billion this year, would slash such programs by 74 percent on the path to eliminating them entirely, save for a program for senior citizens. National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting Service are familiar targets, too, but have been rejected before. NPR is seen as left-leaning while Republicans say PBS could get along just fine without taxpayer help.

But to find the $6.3 billion in cuts across the measure, Republicans went well beyond simply slashing Democratic initiatives. Funding of $10.7 billion to administer the Social Security program, for instance, would be cut $1.1 billion below President Barack Obama’s request, cutting funding for computers upgrades, new hires and “program integrity” money designed to find mistakes and combat fraud. Medicare and the Medicaid health program for the poor and disabled would absorb an even larger cut to operating funds.

The legislation would, however, maintain heating subsidies for the poor at $3.4 billion and Title I school funding at $15 billion and give a slight boost to special education for the disabled. Head Start would get a small increase and grants for local community action groups that serve the elderly and the poor would be maintained at the current budget of $712 million.

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I would love to see how cutting these programs is going to create jobs.  Please, GOP, tell me how this is going to create the jobs you promised in 2010.  I’m dying to know.

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