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Family and friends were stunned by the loss of a West Virginia man who died while shopping on Black Friday as fellow bargain hunters reportedly walked around — and even over — the man’s body.

Family members told WSAZ-TV that 61-year-old Walter Vance of Logan County, W. Va., had become ill and collapsed while shopping for Christmas decorations inside Target in South Charleston. He later died after being taken to the hospital, family said.

Witnesses told the NBC News affiliate in Charleston, W. Wa., that shoppers walked around and even over Vance’s body.

“Where is the good Samaritan side of people?’ Vance’s co-worker and friend Sue Compton told WSAZ. “How could you not notice someone was in trouble? I just don’t understand if people didn’t help what their reason was, other than greed because of a sale.”

The bystander effect taken to the extreme or a serious lack of compassion? I’m afraid to know the answer because either choice is disturbing. I could understand not initially noticing someone collapsing in a massive crowd - but having to step over his unconscious body to reach a bargain? That’s a new level of dispassionate. Or is it? Is this what we’ve become? Mindless consuming automatons? 

Ouch. My soul.

This happens EVERY year.  EVERY YEAR!  Wake up, America.  There is obviously something wrong here with our society.  We’re sick.  We’re addicted to things.  We’re addicted to consuming loads of random junk that we don’t really need.  We’re addicted to giving in to our wants and desires.  We’re addicted to instantly satisfying those wants.  And people get hurt.  People die.  AND NOBODY FUCKING GIVES A SHIT.  It’s just sick.

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